Starting Over Take 2 (or 3?)

I have taken a little break. OK well maybe it was a long break. Honestly I just wasn’t sure what I was doing with this blog anymore. Part of me felt like I was just putting my personal feelings and emotions out there for people who really didn’t care. Just your typical busy body, nosey people. I thought maybe the whole reason I started this thing had been lost in the process of me writing and sharing so much. I didn’t start this blog to blast my personal issues, or to call anyone out on anything. I never use names. People that know me well can usually figure it out, but even then it was still speculation. I started realizing that the Facebook page was carrying the majority of traffic to the site. Because of that, and other reasons when I finally decided to take a break, I decided when I post, I will only post to my blog site. If the link gets shared on Facebook, that is fine, but this isn’t a gossip session so until my Facebook page gets more traction for the same reason I am blogging, I will keep things to just this site.
This blog was started as a way to take the things I have gone through in my life and help other people in similar situations realize that they aren’t alone. The emails and texts that I would receive from people who had read the blogs or been sent the link were the reason I kept going and why I want to get started again. I am in a completely different place, again, from when I started this the first go around, but still in a place that I know can serve a positive purpose to other people.




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