Spiraling **Adult**

I don’t know what it is
I don’t know how he does it
His touch takes me to a place that I didn’t even know existed
His kiss sends me spiraling
His beard sends chills down my entire body
When he looks deep in my eyes I feel foggy
Cloudy with a high chance of butterflies

I have never been with anyone like him
I have never met anyone or allowed myself to get close enough to anyone like him
He makes me feel loved, wanted, amazing and perfect in my own being
He brushes up against me and every sensation in my body is heightened
Taken to a completely new level that I didn’t even know was possible

It’s dangerous
I would do anything to feel that way just one more time
His body like a force field that I literally cannot rip myself away from

Purely physical
Nothing more
Not really
Tomorrow I won’t be any different from the girl standing behind the register where he buys his daily Monster
Tonight though, tonight I am a Queen, a Goddess, a beautiful, strong, desired woman
Tonight when he looks down into my eyes I will be in another place, another world, another universe
I love it there
Completely letting go, not caring about a thing except being there right then, in that moment
That beautiful moment that no one has even come close to in comparison




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