Divorce really is like a death

Starting at 33

I knew it was coming. You can feel the end of your marriage coming.

I remember when my Great Aunt passed away. We went to the hospital because she was sick. She was really, really sick. Then she got better for a few days. Then sick again. It was a little while into her hospital stay that we knew she wouldn’t make it.
My point is, it wasn’t sudden or a shock. There were moments when we thought it would get better but ultimately it didn’t. There was nothing that could be done. My marriage was the same way. Moments that made me feel like maybe things would get better. Maybe.

He was my best friend. My partner. We were a team. I was loud and outgoing. He was quiet and kept to himself. We balanced each other out. Except we didn’t. We loved each other. But I was lost…

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