Nothing Ever Stays The Same

Dreaming and planning and envisioning how things will be; how you want them to be, is supposed to be a good thing. It’s supposed to help everything fall into place for you.
Positive thoughts.
If you believe it, then it will happen.

You start to build this picture in your mind of how things will be, but you’re really basing it off of things that you really don’t know.
You’re basing it off of things you can’t control.
False facts.
If we are talking about a life with someone, for example, you really don’t know what is going through their mind. No one can ever really know what exactly is going through someone else’s mind. You really don’t know if they feel exactly the same way you do. Maybe you have talked about it, you discussed the future…
You feel like you’re on the same page. Maybe you really are right now.
So you start to see it.
You start to dream about it and it starts to feel so real you almost believe it will all work out how you see it, how you want it to.

As kids we are sort of programmed to think the natural order of life is to go to school, go to college (maybe), start our career, fall in love, get married, have kids. Then the process starts with your kids until you become grandparents and live happily ever after.

We create this picture in our minds of what we want. What we hope will happen. This picture of what life should be. We go through our lives assuming this “fairytale” will happen just like we want it to. Just like we planned. Just like we think it should.

That’s the worst.

Life is full of surprises. Good ones and bad ones. People come and go.
Ideally you would continue on the path you want to continue on; most of the time there ends up being a roadblock though. You have to decide what to do, where to go. How big of a deal is the detour? How long will you let it get you down for?
Where in my plan was a divorce or for my kids to have a Dad that disappeared on them? That wasn’t part of my plan…

People change. We change.
That isn’t always bad.

Life can feel like it’s going so good. We can be so happy. So blissful. Then you see something, hear something or there’s a shift in the way someone is behaving and just like that, it causes you to question everything.
Even the things you were so sure you knew. All the things you wanted, all the things you thought were happening.
You were so sure this was the way to go… You were positive you knew and understood what was happening.

One thing never changes.
Only one thing, and it’s that nothing ever stays the same.
That is the only thing that doesn’t change.

We may always love, but the way that love looks will change.
We may always care, but the way we care changes.
We may always want the same things, but the reasons behind wanting them will change.

While we are busy creating our path in our minds, God is laughing at us. Dropping roadblocks in our way until we have no choice but to choose the path we are really, truly meant to be on.

The problem with this is that we spend so much time trying to figure it out on our own.
So much time is spent fighting what is meant to be because we want something else.
This picture, this vision of how my life would be was so off.
I take responsibility for that.
If I would have just stopped and listened; most of the time the answer was right in front of me.




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