Change It Up

I’ve been struggling lately. Struggling with what to write about. There’s just so much going on and it all occupies space in my mind.
Moving, working and now the holidays have kept me insanely busy. That hasn’t helped with my writing either.
I know that writing helps to calm me, ground me, give me that “I just took a deep breath” feeling. So I have to force myself to sit and actually do it.
I’ve just been so busy…
It’s an excuse that I know I use often. I know I’m guilty of telling myself I can do it later.
Next week.
Next month.
Next year.
There’s something else I have to do.
Something else that has to get done.
Something that’s way more important.

One of my very best friends just lost her Grandma.
That always makes you sort of stop and think. Think about life and time and how wisely you use it. Life ends sometimes just as quickly as it begins. We don’t always see it coming. We aren’t ever really prepared for it.
I know I get so consumed in my every day routine that I sometimes forget about all the other things going on out there.

For three years I’ve been asked to go to this Women’s Holiday thing. For three years I’ve had other things to do.
For three years I’ve said “maybe next year“, I’m just so busy…
This year I went.
I won’t miss it again.
Nothing was hurt by taking a few hours out of my night for myself, my daughter and a few girlfriends to sit and listen to this amazing speaker.
What if “next year” never came? What if I missed out? What if my daughter missed out? What if I didn’t get another chance to spend quality time with those people?

We can’t please everyone. We can’t always keep everyone around us happy all the time. Someone will always feel left out or rushed or something.
That’s inevitable.
No matter how hard we try to be everything to everyone, someone won’t feel it. I’ve realized that it’s most important for us to make sure that it’s not ourselves. That we aren’t the one not feeling it. We have to take care of us.
I have to make sure that I stop making excuses and do things that get us out of our normal routine.
I have to make time.
I know exactly how difficult that is; we have to though. One day we might not have the friend that invited us to coffee anymore, one day we might not be able to hug the neck of the person we had been “trying” to make plans with for months. One day we might be out of time and when that happens, it’ll be a lot harder to deal with than changing our routine for one night.




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