Finding Home

We’re in.
We are in and we have been staying there.
Most everything is in place and the things that aren’t, will be soon.
We are in.
It’s exciting.
It’s nerve-wracking.
I want everything to be perfect and that can be a downfall.
Everything will take time.
I can’t have perfection the first week.
I’m shooting for the first month though…
It feels like home already.
To all of us.
We all love it out there. The things that we don’t like are offset by the beautiful water, the amazing sunrises and the peacefulness.
The peacefulness we feel that I have been looking for. Trying to find that calm balance for all of us has been my mission for a few years.

I know that I’m not perfect, I am so far from it.
I’m emotional and I get crazy about the silliest things sometimes.
One thing is for sure though, my goal is and has always been to find a sense of normalcy for my kids again. To find a place where they can feel like they belong. A place where they can run through the house, fall asleep on the couch and call their own. I wanted a place where friends could feel at home and the doors were always open.
I think I finally succeeded. I think I finally found it.
We found home.




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