I love That Girl

My mind is so full right now, it’s on overload.
There was so much tonight.
So much.
I watched one of my favorite girls graduate from high school.
She did it a year early.
She has been through so much just since she came into our lives.

I remember the first time I met her.
She was leaving the field because she was having chest pains.
She had just had heart surgery.
I think she was 13 or so.

She has had so many set backs.
So many life changing events at such a young age.
She always comes back though, she always makes it.
It doesn’t stop her.
She keeps going.
Knee surgeries, yes that is plural on purpose.
Heart surgeries.
Heart breaks and sadness.
Boys and friends that have broken her heart.

From the moment I met her she had a special place in my heart.
She reminds me of myself in so many ways.
In so many ways I admire her.
I wouldn’t have missed that moment for anything.
My place in her life has changed over the years.
Situations and circumstances change the kind of relationship that you have with people, that’s life.
There are moments that are tough, I wish I was more for her, that I could do more and that I was there more.
One thing’s for sure though, I love that girl.
No matter how awkward things ever got or how hard things have been for me to hear, she stole my heart and I love her like she’s one of my own.
I always will.
That won’t ever, ever change.

Watching these kids grow up is so bittersweet.
Sometimes I wish I could stop time and just enjoy them a little longer; other times I get so excited to see them growing.
Experiencing new things, getting excited for their futures.
Weddings and careers and babies.
I plan on being there for every moment that I can.

No matter what happens in life.
No matter what changes, what comes our way, what leaves – some people just snatch up a piece of your heart and you know that they will always be special to you.
That girl is one of those people.
She is family.
I am so proud of her and the young lady that she has become and continues to grow into.

I love you to pieces.




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