Icky – Just Icky

I swear it never fails…
One week left of school and the germs invade our house.
One gets it.
Ok, I can handle that.
I make sure I double d it as fast as possible.
Doctor and Disinfect.
Clean everything and I mean everything!
I wipe everything down, I wash the sheets and all the blankets, I start him on his medicine as soon as I get the prescription filled.

So why does the other get it less than 24 hours after the first one?
Maybe it’s because they drink after each other.
They touch everything.
They stick their fingers in each others faces and food.
They wrestle, fight, swim, play games, watch TV…Together.
Every day.
It’s a mommy’s nightmare…
Or is it?

Yes, they get sick at the same time.
Usually all three of them.
Sometimes it’s one then the next and then the last…
I prefer them being sick at the same time rather than in phases.
We get it out of the way faster like that.

It’s work, lots of work, medicine and doctors and even more cleaning and disinfecting than normal.
Runny noses and sneezing drown out the sound of the other one snoring because his nose is all stuffed up.
When you think about being a mom you don’t really think about when they’re sick.
You don’t dream about using your bare hands to wipe a runny nose or them wiping their nose on your jeans.
I have held out my hands in a cupped position when they wake up puking in my bed in the middle of the night.
(It doesn’t really catch much… You might as well just let them get sick on the bed, you’ll be cleaning it up anyway)
You don’t think about the crying all night long because their ears hurt or their entire body aches.
Strep throat, bronchitis and stomach bugs.

The timing is never good either.
It’s always the last week of school or FCAT week.
When a big project is due or when you’re out of vacation or sick time.
When Grandma is in Mexico with Grandpa and can’t help babysit.

I get aggravated.
More money at doctors and on prescriptions.
It really sucks.
It sucks even more doing it on your own.
No one to take shifts with you, no one to help clean up the mess while you give them a bath.

When they are all healthy and happy though, the thing is, you think about it a little differently.
It does suck, but I get twice the love, twice the snuggles when they finally do get to lay down and rest.
I don’t miss anything, I am at every doctors appointment.
I know every little thing that aches or doesn’t feel right.
I know my kids well enough that I can look at their faces and know that something is wrong.
I can tell when they’re faking and when it’s real.
I see the puke coming (if we’re awake) and I know when it’s just a mild fever without a thermometer.

The timing is never right but is it really with anything?
Boys are gross.
They just are.
They are also the sweetest and most cuddly people I have ever been blessed enough to snuggle with.
If I have to wipe a few snotty noses with my bare hands and do some puke catching in exchange for that, I’m ok with it.




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