Tug Of War In Your Heart

What if we never took a chance?
What if we just let our fear consume us and we didn’t go for it?
We thought of all the possible negative outcomes and just steered clear.
What if there was one chance that we had and we missed it?
Missed it.
We didn’t go for it because we weren’t sure or we were scared?
What if that was our big chance?
What if that was it…..

What if we did take the chance and it bombed?
Total disaster

We can’t live our lives to please everyone.
We can’t worry about what everyone else thinks.
There is a respect factor though…
What if your choice is a direct abandon of someone you loves’ feelings?
Best for you and your heart but not acceptable to people you love.
How do you choose?

It’s a tug of war in your heart.
I can almost literally feel the pull.

What if an opportunity is missed?
What if you take the chance and it doesn’t work out?
Will they forgive you?
If it works out will they accept your decision?

What if this chance, this opportunity doesn’t present itself again?
What if this is it?

If it’s meant to be it will find a way
But what if this is it finding it’s way and it won’t find it again for who knows how long?

The risk versus the opportunity.
How do we choose which is greater?
We don’t grow if we don’t take risks.
I don’t want to miss not even one.
At what expense though?

Tug of war in your heart.
The pull.
You can feel the pull.
Inside you, a struggle, a battle going strong.
Which side will win?




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