That Freckled Little Face

I got home last night, walked into my room and there was the cutest little boy all snuggled up in my bed.
Snoring and grinding his teeth.
Sound asleep with a tiny grin on his face.
My baby.
Big baby.

It’s moments like those that make everything worth it.
Looking at him when he sleeping peacefully.
I know in my heart that I was meant to be a mommy.
I was meant to be a mommy to these kids.
That was no accident.
They are my whole heart.
My blessing and my world.

I sat down next to him and just watched him for a minute.
He’s a miracle.
Just think about that for a minute…
I made him.
We created that beautiful little person.

He can be so difficult.
He’s stubborn and hard headed and messy and hyper.
He can be whiny and defiant.
He likes to wear dirty clothes just so that he doesn’t have to put laundry away.
He drops his backpack as he walks in the door, kicks off his shoes and doesn’t care where they or the sand that was in them lands.
He will use every last little bit of his energy to argue with me.
When I say “will you guys help me?” He will immediately say “nope not me.” if he doesn’t feel like moving.
He’s honest, brutally at times.

He will hug your neck as tight as he can.
He’s one of the three best snugglers I know.
My baby will fall asleep twice as fast if he’s holding my hand and he loves a good back rub.
When you’re sick, he loves to take care of you.
If your car needs washing he will jump at the chance no matter what time it is or what he was in the middle of.
He loves to cook and to serve you your food.
If you’re sad or upset, so is he.
He loves football and can run so fast.
He’s always on the go, fast.
Really fast.

Watching him peacefully sleep in the dim light is one of my favorite things to do.
His blonde hair just a little tousled from rolling around and his long eyelashes on his freckled little face.
This is my last baby.
This is it.
They aren’t getting any smaller or any younger.
So I just sat there for a minute, taking it all in.
Remembering when he was born and when he learned to walk, graduated from Pre-K and started elementary school.
Time is going by so fast and I can’t make it stop.
I love these little people that I have.
So very much.
Every struggle, every morning that I don’t want to go to work or I don’t want to make another phone call or find another stupid receipt…
It’s all for them and they are so worth it.




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