New Leading Cause Of Divorce Revealed…

Did you know one of the top reasons for divorce is your kids extracurricular activities?

Well neither did I,
Not until recently when I read through the latest set of papers that were sent to me.

Apparently putting your kids and their wants and dreams first can be a major determining factor in the divorce process.

I’m being smart right now but honestly when I read that, I could have exploded.
It’s crazy talk to me.
It’s my job to put what my kids wants first.
If I can’t afford a sport for them I do whatever I can to try to make it happen for them.
Fundraising, donations, family members.
That’s what you do when you can’t afford to do something for your kids.. Not make them give it up.
If I can make it so my kids don’t go without, I do.
That’s bad!?

In this case it is.
A sport that has been played for 7 years wasn’t “agreed upon” and has caused major issues.


Now I know this is just a tactic to put the blame somewhere else.
I understand desperate times call for desperate measures.
But really?

The issues are with me and you.
Why are you placing blame on something the kids love to do?
I don’t get it.

I was angered.
I was very upset when I read the latest paperwork.
I really was.

I am not allowing this divorce to interfere with the kids anymore than it already has.
I can’t imagine anyone saying the kids should stop for his sake.
If they do, that will be when we stop.
When I am ordered to stop.

I wonder what else he can come up with.
The countdown is on.
Just a little over a month left.




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