Choose The Shake

Feelings, all of them, are normal.
You will have ups and downs.

Some days you will need a chocolate shake.
Choose the shake, you can have the fruit cup next time.

There will be days that you just need to cry.
Get it all out.
You will cry then laugh, then cry because you laughed and then laugh because you’re crying.
It’s Ok, really, get it all out.
All of it.

There will be nights that you need to scream.
Scream into your pillow.
It isn’t the fault of anyone around you now.
Don’t scream at them, they don’t deserve it.
They are there because they love you.

There will be nights that you can’t sleep.
Flip on a little light and write.
Just write whatever comes to mind.
Write it all down.
You will cry while you’re writing.
That’s OK, keep writing.
When you have nothing left to write and the tears have stopped you will sleep.

There will be days you don’t want to get out of bed.
Lay there and watch a movie, read a book.
Eventually you will have to go to the bathroom.
When you do, make a stop at the blinds in your room, open them and stay up.

There will be days that you feel like you’re a failure.
Write down all of your accomplishments.
Read them out loud to yourself.
Hang the list on your bathroom mirror.
Read them out loud every single morning and night.
Brush your teeth, read your accomplishments.
Do this until you realize how amazing you are and then keep doing it.

There will be days that you feel like you are the reason things are the way they are.
Write down a list of all the reasons you are in the spot you are in right at that very moment.
All of them.
Acknowledge the things you did wrong.
Actively forgive yourself for them.
Forgive the people that were also involved as well.
You can’t accept responsibility for someone else’s actions.
Just yours and I’m sure you know better now.

If you know better, do better from now on.

Realize you cannot control everything.
All we can do is our best.
Once we know better, we really do just need to do better.
Not just for ourselves but for our family, our kids, our spouse, our friends.

There will be days you feel crazy.
You’re not.
I promise.

Realize that the view is much better from the top of the mountain.

Realize that as things are getting harder it just means you’re getting closer.

Realize that your struggles and your past can help heal other people.
Don’t be ashamed of it.
Someone, somewhere has done and been through worse.

Realize that this too shall pass.

Realize that this is your life and you do not need the approval of anyone else.

Realize that you shouldn’t be striving for perfection; you should work with what you have and strive towards enhancing that.

Realize that you are never too old to dream.

Realize that you are responsible for your own happiness.

Realize that you are amazing.




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