Running In The Rain

Crossfit is amazing.
It really is.
It’s more than just working out and lifting weights.
It’s about pushing yourself to levels you had no idea you could.
It’s about feeling like your body is going to collapse but going one more round.
Feeling like your going to fall on your face but you don’t.

No competition with anyone but yourself.
It’s you against you.
Are you stronger today than you were yesterday?
Are you faster?
Do you have more confidence?

It’s mental.
A lot of it.
It’s looking at something head on and already thinking that looks exhausting, maybe even impossible.
Walking to your spot and doing it.
Finishing it.

A lot of it is about facing fears you didn’t know you had.
I don’t even know if you can say what the fears are, but pushing yourself past them is the only option you’re given.

I love to run.
Running hates me.
I talk to myself, I tell myself the pain is just temporary.
I know it is. I know I will feel better once I’m done but if I don’t finish…
That I have to deal with the entire night, every day until I’m given that task again.
Telling myself that I can’t do something has always been my problem, not believing in me.
Now, I have to finish.
I have too.
It’s not an option.
I just have too.
Even if I have the slowest time on the board.
It feels so much better to know I finished.
I pushed through whatever I was dealing with and I did it.

I ran in the rain the other day.
I cried while I ran.
I was so mad, so mad about so many things and I didn’t even realize it until I started running.
The rain was annoying me, my shins hurt so bad I thought my feet were going to disconnect at any minute.
All of the other little things start flooding into your head.
The kids, the bills, the house, the car, the relationships that aren’t where I wanted them to be.
The people I miss. The people I’ve let down.
Nothing but me, the rain and the ground.
I was getting passed, lapped.
Who cares?
It was so therapeutic.

Pushing through things, knowing at the other side of whatever you are pushing through will be a better you.
A stronger you.

Of course you will come out of this storm a different person, that’s what the storm is about.”

1. having the power to move heavy weights or perform other physically demanding tasks.
2. able to withstand great force or pressure

There are so many things in my life that remind me how strong I am.
That I can handle so much.
I have faced so many obstacles and I continue too but I haven’t collapsed yet.
I am pretty amazing.
I love hard and I care too much.
I fight back.
I feel defeated at times but I have realized that I can do much more than I thought.
I can make it one more round.
I can do one more set.
I can handle whatever you throw at me.
Bring it.




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