Are they all jerks?
Are they?

The ones that appear nice until you realize they were only nice for a specific reason….
The ones that don’t do what they say they’re gonna do…
The married ones, the alcoholics, the ones that disappear, break promises, cheat.

What the heck is going on?
For real?
It’s ridiculous.

I was looking through some profiles where I know both he and she from when they were a “them”; I would say 9 out of 10 couples the guy had found someone new and the girl hadn’t.
Is it just easier for a guy to replace his girl?
Are women pickier?
Are we just scared to reattach? Are we in high supply or what is going on?

Let’s be real here….
If one more guy asks me “what my ultimate fantasy is” I might flip out.
No lie.
I might lose it.
Poor guy.
Ya right!

Even a conversation that starts out decent with a friend turns into him discussing his stripper friend or how all he wants to do is get laid, no strings attached.

Is it our fault?
As women.
Are we lowering our standards so much that this is actually ok now?
I have to put in a trashy hairpiece and stand almost naked and take selfies to get the guy?
It’s not even sexy almost naked -it’s trashy.
There’s a huge difference.
I mean really girls,there are some hot boudoir photographers out there right now.
Go get your sexy pictures done with class.
Where is the line with self respect and sexy versus trashy and desperate?
What happened to keeping it in the bedroom?

I’m not saying I’m an angel, I’ve done my share of picking the wrong one for the wrong reasons.
Even if I hadn’t shaved my legs…
I understand.
But over and over again?
Don’t you respect yourself at all?

I am not bashing women.
Not at all.
I am all about loving each other and supporting each other regardless of our differences.
Without a doubt.
This isn’t about that.
This is about being taken advantage of, about being a good partner.
Do guys just not want that anymore?

It’s not just me, I see it in so many women that I talk too.
Amazing, beautiful women that get their hearts broken time and time again and have no clue why.
Are good women with self respect that want a family life with a faithful, loving, respectful guy just not wanted anymore?

Or maybe it’s a short supply of loving, respectful, faithful men…



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