And Now I Know

Everything has a way of coming out eventually doesn’t it.

Something slips.
Someone gets angry.
A joke with a little truth behind it.

I knew it would be an issue.
I knew there would be anger.
Maybe even jealousy.
I knew it wouldn’t be a piece of cake.
I guess I was hoping that you would be a little more understanding though.
A little nicer.

Oh well.

We have to do what is best for us.
We have to do what feels right.
I’m so sick and tired of trying to please everyone.
To keep everyone happy.
I’m over it.
We need to be happy.

He’s angry.
I get it.
He tried really hard to keep this from ever happening and now it’s happening.
It’s not about him though.
Not about him at all.

Terrible ending to a great day.
I’m getting good at shielding the kids from the issues.
From the drama.
The drama that I just can’t seem to get away from.

My life is exhausting.
It is.
I know that.
I know that the way things have played out aren’t ideal.
Obviously I realize that.
Obviously I realize not everyone can handle it.

Then don’t.
Leave us alone and let us figure it out.
Go away.
I don’t need judgement and I don’t need comments.
At all.

It just isn’t helpful to be a smart ass.
Not helpful at all.

Holidays are a reminder anyway.
A reminder of all the changes that have gone on.
It’s easier but still not a breeze.
Each one gets a little better.

I thought you supported me.
I thought you had my back because you loved us.
All of us.
If I ever wondered where I stand, I know now.
Nothing will change.
No worries.
Now I know.

That’s enough.




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