You Made Me Mad. Congratulations!

Dealing with you is so frustrating.
I seriously could scream.
There is no reason you can’t communicate with me.
Everything is a game.
It’s so exhausting.
You go 6 weeks without a peep.
We don’t hear a word from you and then there you are.
Expecting us to drop what we have planned, what we are doing, to accommodate your schedule.
I can only do so much.
If you don’t call or you don’t text for over 6 weeks I am no longer responsible for the fact that they don’t care what you do or when you will be back.
You did that.
At some point you have to acknowledge that this is just stupid.
We are going on 2 years.
New attorneys and talking like a robot so that nothing can be used against anyone.
It’s pathetic.
Pathetic and it’s only hurting the kids.
You get to me.
Yes you do.
You get to me because you are so damn frustrating.
You have the life you want.
You have a new wonderful family and you drive around that nice truck we used my savings to buy you. You help take care of your children at your convenience.
You should be super happy.
So let everyone else be.
Just think as soon as you finish things here you can marry her and make that life official.
Exciting stuff right!?
Where we are right now is your fault.
I made some mistakes and I did some stupid stuff but where we are right now at this moment is ALL you.
ALL of it could have been avoided if you could have just done the things you were supposed to do.
I knew you would be an ass to me.
I don’t even care, it was worth it to get away from you.
To not have to deal with your immature, helpless, selfish, miserable self.
She can have that.
To disappear for over a month though and now tell me when and where they need to be.
Or I am depriving you?
Get over yourself.
Get over yourself, pull your head out of wherever it’s stuck and think about your kids.
Think about how they feel not hearing from you for 6 weeks.
Not even a text.
Not even a how are you guys doing?
Would you want to go hang out with you after that?
There are 2 people in your family that make an effort with the kids.
You wonder why they don’t want to do things?
Would you?
It takes every ounce of self-control I have to tell those kids that you love them and miss them.
Every teeny tiny ounce of control I have.
I don’t say a negative word, not one.
It takes all I have to bite my tongue but I do because it isn’t their fault I chose an ass.
You don’t deserve them anymore.
I want the boys here by 10am.
You have a daughter too you loser and last I checked this wasn’t the You Show.




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