It’s A Marathon ~ Not A Sprint…

I have this friend.
She has this boyfriend.
This guy and I have met before and I hear so many stories about him.
So many sweet stories.
This guy and I finally got to sit and have dinner with my friend last night.
He is a great guy. She did good.
The sweet stories are obviously true.

I sat there eating my dinner.
Drinking my water.
I listened to him talk.
About her.
About their relationship and my lack thereof.
I saw the way she looked at him.
She had a glimmer in her eye.
That sparkle looks good on her.
She looks good on his arm.
It looks like she belongs there.
Like she always has.

He made so much sense.
I asked his opinion on things.
A guys perspective.
Their relationship hasn’t been perfect but it just works.
It happens because they want it to happen.
They put forth an effort.
Not like it’s a chore or a job but just the effort needed to allow them to be together.
It isn’t one sided.
One doing all the driving or one buying all the dinners.
A kiss in the parking lot makes these two happy.
It’s that simple.

When he talks she listens.
The future slips in sometimes in little comments and it’s just so natural for them.
No one said “WHOA – CALM DOWN THERE! Moving a little fast don’t ya think!?”
It just seems natural that they will be in each others future.

I would normally make gagging noises in situations like last night.
I’ve become such a hard ass when it comes to love and relationships.
Not with them though.
It isn’t disgusting.
It’s sweet.
It’s natural.
It’s the way it should be

I’m happy for her.
Ecstatic really.

I had a bad night.
It was one of those good crying nights.
One of those what happened and why can’t I understand kind of nights.
Thinking about her and her happiness though, made me smile.
She found it.
It’s still out there.
She is getting her happily ever after.
No one deserves it more.

Of course there are ups and downs, of course there will be.
Listening to him talk though, I know in my heart he won’t run at the first sign of a problem.
He’s here to stay.
To work it out.
I wish I could remember his exact words.
They were perfect.
From the heart.

Strong women need strong men.
Not a guy that will run at the first sign of a ripple in the water.
Fall hard, move fast and then slam on the breaks hard stop.
Maybe that seems great at first but life is a marathon not a sprint.
Love should be too.

These two know that.
He gets it.
She gets it.
They know it won’t always be easy.
They know it won’t always be beautiful and perfect.
They won’t give up though.

I told her she needs to remember that I look good in blues…




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