I Still Wear My Wedding Ring..

I still have my wedding ring on.
Yes it’s true.
It sits just perfect on my ring finger.
It always will.
It isn’t what you’re thinking though…

My ring is beautiful.
It’s a square platinum diamond.

At 21 and 22 years old we didn’t have money for a ring.
Even if we did, I wanted to use my grandmothers.
I always loved it.

As a little girl I knew it was the ring I wanted.
She always promised my sister and I; one of you gets the engagement ring and the other gets the wedding ring.
I knew the engagement ring was the one I wanted.
It was beautiful.
It still is.
Engraved with their wedding date and initials.

We asked my grandma if we could use it.
Have it blessed again.
She was more than happy to give it to me sooner than she had planned.

He never proposed.
We used the ring in the church.
We just planned things.
You hear brides talk about how much they loved their wedding.
It was so beautiful, I felt like a princess
Truth be told, ours was a disaster.
A total disaster.
The DJ, the food, the location; terrible.
Looking back I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.
I wanted to get married out of state at a special spot with our closest family and friends.
I also spent the first part of my life worrying about everyone else.
My wedding was my family’s dream day.
Not mine. Not his.

Our fun started when we left the reception hall.

Never getting proposed too has always been a sore spot with me.
I used to tell him on our 10th anniversary we should do it all exactly how we wanted too.
We made it to 10 years, just not in the same house.

Married and divorced but never proposed too.
Extremely bitter I kept the ring in my jewelry box.
I never planned on getting rid of it; it’s special to me.

My grandma asked me a few months back where it was.
I told her.
In my jewelry box..
She reminded me that before I was even born that ring was bought, blessed and worn with so much love.
Love that never faded, never went away.
Never ended.
That ring made it to the US from Cuba.
Over 50 years of love.
All a part of that beautiful ring sitting in my jewelry box.

So I put it back on.
The other hand this time.
A symbol of my grandparents love.
Not a symbol of my failed marriage.
It was blessed. I am blessed.
Blessed to be able to wear it.
A symbol of the love my grandfather had for my grandmother.
If it weren’t for their love, I wouldn’t be here.
My children wouldn’t be here.
Because of their love.
Their love symbolized in my beautiful ring.
A ring I won’t ever take off again.




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