Sometimes It Is All Your Fault

No one is perfect.
We all mess up.
We all make mistakes.

There isn’t a problem with any of that.

The problem is when you can’t accept that you screwed up.
When you can’t accept responsibility for your mess ups.

Sometimes we push people away without even realizing it.

When the people that care about you call you out on your actions though, you need to accept it.
Process it.
Acknowledge it.

We all make mistakes.
Some of us don’t realize we are making them.

We don’t realize we are driving people crazy.

When they tell you, you get upset.
You think they’re being mean.

Maybe they are just mean.

Maybe they aren’t though.
Maybe they are trying to be a friend and let you know what’s going on so you can work on you.

If you’re too blind to realize it then you can’t ever grow.

If you feel like they’re just a mean person, eliminate them from your life.
Don’t text them.
Don’t call them.
If they’re really mean, they don’t need a four page text telling them that you think they are.

Who cares?
It’s exhausting.

If you don’t want them in your life, kick them out.
Don’t talk about it for hours on end.
Don’t give them an explanation.
If they’re that mean, they don’t care anyway.
If you pushed them away then you need to deal with that.
That’s your issue.
Not theirs.

You have to come to terms with the fact that no one is the victim 100% of the time.

I was the same way.
I screwed up a lot and always thought it was “poor me.”
“They don’t like me.”
“They don’t appreciate me.”
“No one cares about me.”
“No one misses me.”

Stop the madness!

Find new friends.
Quit whining.
Get some self-esteem.


I have been there.
I get it.

How long will you continue to behave this way though?
It is all up to you.
No one can change the way you feel but you.

If nothing changes, nothing will ever change.

Make changes.
Eliminate the negative, mean people and don’t look back.

I know I’m not.




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