Pickle Backs

My first day in New York City…


An hour and a half of sleep.
Lunch at a pub in the city.
Key chain shopping.
Dinner at a little pizza place.
Pickle backs.
Making things official.

It was a very interesting day.

It was a good day.

1000 miles from home and he realized how much he likes me.
He realized he misses me and that he wants to call me his.

Pickle backs.

Those are very good.
I had three.
I don’t know if they have them at home.
They should.

The pizza was amazing.

The Empire State Building lit up in green and white lights.

Taxis weaving in and out of traffic.
Car sickness.
The people rushing on the streets.
Everyone has headphones and ear pieces in.
Everyone has places to go.

Not me.
I’m relaxing, enjoying the sights and sounds.
Waiting for his texts.
His calls.
He misses me.
I miss him.

I miss my babies.
I can’t wait to get back and see what comes next for us.




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