Makin’ Him Miss You

Someone tells you something over and over again but until you actually see it for yourself I don’t think you truly get it.

My friends would always tell me not to be so available.
Make him miss you.

That makes sense to me but I guess I never really, truly got it until right now.

I am seeing it with someone else. She says she wants a break so he says ok.
That wasn’t the right answer though, so now she’s upset.

He didn’t answer her last text, so she texted him again.
And again.
He’s still not answering.

He cancelled on her. She wants to know why. Why.

My answer?
My friends would be so proud of me…
My answer was who cares? Seriously.
If he’s not answering your texts and he bailed on you, forget him. Why waste another second of your time here on that?
Who is he?
Why does he deserve to have that much power over your day?
Your mind.
Your heart.

She said “he doesn’t care what I’m doing.”
Well no, why should he?
He knows you’re not doing much of anything cause you won’t stop texting him!
He has no reason to wonder.
Whatever you’re doing can’t be too awesome cause you’re still thinking about him enough to text him.

So I finally see it.
I final realize what it means to back off.
Give them time to realize whether they miss you or not.
If not, forget them.
Why waste another second on someone that’s not sure if they miss you?
Why give anyone that satisfaction?
Why do they get to feel so wanted and so needed and so missed but you don’t?

Move on.

The one worth missing, worth wanting and needing will answer every text.
Text you first.
Call you first.

Sorry men but no man is worth the stress I have seen her under today.
I did that to myself too.
I put myself through that too
I swore I never would again but after seeing it firsthand I can guarantee it will never happen again.


It’s ok to be unavailable.
It’s ok to have a life of your own.
In fact, you should!
You should have friends and things to do when he’s busy.
Even when he’s not. You should have things to do.

Make him miss you.

I get it now.




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