Bundle of Nerves

I have so much to do and so little time.
I don’t know why I waited so long to get ready.

I am a bundle of nerves and emotions.
I’m excited for this trip but I am so nervous at the same time.

I don’t really know why.

I know I’ll miss the kids, but my parents will have them so they’ll be taken care of.
They’ll have way more fun than if I were home.

I have my travel WOD’s from my trainer so I won’t be missing any workouts.

I have my supplies to stay on track with my supplements and stuff like I should.
I know what I should drink, should I drink.
I’ll splurge, but I have a plan for not getting too off track.

I don’t have really warm clothes so I’ll be cold but that can’t be it…

I know we’ll have fun.
No set plans other than to just enjoy ourselves.
Street parties and the Statue of Liberty.
New friends.
I love flying.

I really don’t know what the cause of my anxiety is.
I’m trying to just breathe. Just go with it.
I will have fun. I know I will.

Single ladies in New York City.

Maybe that’s what scares me.

Tonight I have to pack, I have to get everything together. I waited too long.
Now I’ll be scrambling.

Once I get on the plane, the plan is to relax.
Nothing but fun for four days.
No stress. No anxiety.
I just want to enjoy myself.
I think I will.

I’ll keep you posted.




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