Words Are Forever

I want people to think of me as an encourager, a motivator, someone who helps people feel better about themselves.

I want people to feel like I’m behind them 110%, that I am there for them.

Because I am.

I want the people in my life, the people that I love, to know that I am behind them all the way.
Their goals and their dreams are my goals and my dreams.
Nothing feels better to me than when someone I care about succeeds.
Whatever that success might be.

It’s like teaching your kids how to read; the day they can read you a book is amazing.
The feeling you get for their accomplishment.

The feeling that I get from knowing I helped them to do that is the best feeling in the world.

I know that the way I speak to them makes a huge impact as well.
I need to speak words of encouragement.
Remind them how amazing and how brilliant they are.
They are strong.
They can do anything they want too.

I believe in them. I will always believe in them. Even if they don’t.

Sometimes I believe in them more than I believe in me.

I believe in surrounding yourself with people that encourage you.
That lift you up.
That believe in you.

I believe you need to tell the people that knock you down, hurt you and insult you goodbye.
Anyone that stands in your way should be removed from your life.

This isn’t always easy to do. especially if they are a part of your family or play a big part in your world.
It’s so necessary though.

Sometimes the only difference between the people lifting you up and the people knocking you down are words.

I have not had the pleasure of meeting this lady yet, but she said something very powerful earlier to a friend of mine:
“Whatever it is, turn it around so it benefits YOU. If the approach was wrong, but the intent was right, focus on the intent.”

When I read that I just thought wow, that is good stuff.
So true.

Words are strong. They can’t be taken back. They are forever.
You can apologize but they don’t ever go away.
If you are trying to help someone, to be an encourager, a motivator you must choose your words carefully.
Your words can knock the breath out of someone or they can breathe life into someone.

Think about how you speak to people.
Words are forever.




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