Mind Vs. Heart

I think it is so important to listen to your gut.
Your instincts.
That nagging feeling in your stomach that makes you think twice.

If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

There were so many signs throughout my life that if I just would have paid attention, taken them for what they were; things would have been so much different.

Better different.

Saved the heart form some aches and pains.
The mind from some stress.

The parents some cash…

Your heart doesn’t always pay attention to your gut though.
Your heart has a mind of it’s own and it usually wins.
We do some crazy things because our heart tells us too.
Meanwhile our mind is telling us we are absolutely nuts!

That’s ok.

Good things come from your struggles.
Great things come from rising back up.

I think back on all of my mistakes, all of my “what were you thinking?” moments and I realize how far I have come.
I realize how much I have grown.

I’m not done yet.
I have a long way to go until I’m where I want to be.
I’m not yet the person I know I can be.
I am closer though. Much closer.
I believe it’s a lifelong process.
Always evolving.

I know what I want.
I know what I am not settling for ever again.
I know the kind of people I want in my life.
I know what I deserve.

I have messed up enough to know what it takes to not mess up.
I’m sure I will though.
Probably soon even.
When I do, I know now that it means I am learning, growing, changing.
Becoming the woman I am meant to be.

I try to follow my gut.
I try to listen to that little voice that tells me when something doesn’t seem quite right.

On the flip side of that though, some things are worth going for.
Some things are worth the risk.
I’m learning about that too.
When to give it a shot.
When to realize that even though right now it might not seem like the ideal choice, there is potential.
It can be something worth going for.

I think that’s ok too.
Taking a risk.
If you know ahead of time that there is a chance of things going wrong and you prepare yourself.
The risk may pay off.

Life is a crazy thing.
Full of gambles.
What if’s, could’ve, should’ve, would’ve, I wish I had….

Pay attention to your gut, your instincts but also follow your heart.
It might lead you to something beautiful.
If it doesn’t work out, I think that’s ok too.
You will grow from it, learn from it and come out of it even stronger.

Always trust yourself.




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