You Know What They Say About Assuming…

It is so important to communicate.
So much can be lost by not speaking your mind.
Not telling people how you feel or what you think.

We get scared.
We don’t know what will happen next.
There is no way to tell what will happen in the future.

We can speculate and we can guess.
If we don’t really know, we are just wasting our time.
Spinning our wheels.
All that does is drive us nuts.
Worry takes away the joy of today.
It doesn’t change anything.

Things are going to work out how they are going to work out.
That’s just the way it goes.

Wouldn’t you rather the people you love, know they are loved?
Wouldn’t you rather have the people you love in your life?

I wear my heart on my sleeve.
I cant hide my feelings.
At all.

I have a really awesome fake smile.
So awesome that everyone that knows me well, knows it’s fake.
I can plaster it on and wear it like a mask all day.
Don’t ask me any questions though, because if I’m sad, the tears won’t wait to make their appearance.
If I’m angry, it’s written all over me.
It’s the way I am.
Scared. Happy. Exhausted.
You can tell by looking at me.

I don’t understand how people can not care.
Or act like they don’t care.
I don’t get how someone can watch someone they love walk away, or slip away and not say a word.

I would rather make a fool of myself and be sure you know I love you than lose you.
Once I have made every effort though; once I have made sure you know, if you choose to walk away I have to accept that it’s out of my hands.
I know I did all that I could to show you, to make sure you knew.

That’s me. It’s just the way I am.

I have tried hiding it.
I have tried acting like I don’t care.
I don’t need you to know how vulnerable I am.
That just gives you the power.

I can’t keep it up for long though.
I give in.
I look in your eyes and my insides turn to mush.
You tell me someone is hurting you and I get angry.
I am emotional.
With everyone I love, everyone I care about.

Maybe this is a negative thing to some people.
Maybe it’s a fault.
The people I love never have to question it though.

Not telling someone you love them or that you like them or that you want to be a part of their life could be the end of something so beautiful.
Just because of your pride. Your ego.

Because you got scared.
It is scary.
It’s all scary.
I never thought I would lose my partner, my best friend.
But I did.

Nothing is guaranteed.
So why make it even worse?
Even harder than it already is.

Make sure you tell the people in your life how you feel.
That you love them.
Care about them. Have their back.
Make sure they know.

What if nothing could really be something.
Something amazing.
But you were too scared to tell.

What if that fight with your mom from five years ago was the last time you talked to her and now she’s gone?

We don’t get a redo in life. This is it.

Keep the people you love close.
Tell them what they mean to you. Don’t wait.
Don’t assume they know.
They might not.

They might take a few days and realize they deserve someone who will make sure they know how they feel.
If you can’t tell them or don’t tell them there is no one to blame but yourself.




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