Just Like a Cold Sore You Pop Up When No One Wants You

Four weeks of not seeing you.

They don’t even ask anymore.
They don’t ask to call.
Don’t ask if you’re coming.
They don’t ask at all.

Is that what you wanted?
Did you want them to forget?


Just when they get comfortable again.
Right when they get settled.
There you will be.
Just for a few days.
Just long enough to cause an uproar.
Just long enough to unsettle us from our routine.

Causing more problems than needed.
Completely unnecessary.

Times like this I just wish you would go away.
But then you wouldn’t be in control anymore.
So you won’t.

Let them be.
Let them adjust.
One way or the other.
Pick one.
Go away or be there.

They wanted you there.
But not at your convenience.
That causes more harm than good.
Way more harm.

I really don’t understand why you can’t just stick to a routine.
Pick a schedule.
Days have changed so you can be accommodated.
You still can’t make it.
You still can’t do it.

Just go away.

We want a life like you have.
We want a normal routine.
We want to move on.
We want to live.

Why do you get to call the shots?
Make all the decisions?

You know I won’t tell you no.
You know you can pop up like a cold sore whenever you want.
At your convenience.

I’m supposed to make sure to include you.
Don’t leave him out.
Make sure he knows what’s going on.
Don’t deny him.

When is enough, enough?


Enough is definitely enough.

You’re just like a virus.
Coming through when we don’t want you.
When we have plans.
When things are finally back on track.

There you are.
Cold sore.
That’s you.

Such a shame.
Shame on you.

Go away.

Or stay.

Just pick one.




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