Here Freight Train, Slam Into Me!

There could be 500 men in a room and we would pick the one that we shouldn’t.
499 other perfectly good ones and we pick the one that will knock us on our rear.

Here freight train.
Come run me over.
Actually, let me just put my face in your path.
That should make it easier for you to knock me on my butt.


Why is this?

Why would we choose the one that we know is going to break our heart?

Do they know ahead of time that they will break our heart?

I give you my heart. That means I trust you.
I give you the most precious thing I can.

My heart.

If you know you are going to hurt it, don’t take it.
Don’t even bother.
Don’t waste our time.
Yours either.
Heartbreak is bad enough as it is.
If you know you’re going to hurt it, just stay away.
Don’t even bother with me or us.
Leave me alone.

Granted, things happen.
I’m talking about you having issues.
You knowing you can’t give 100%.
You can’t give what you should be able too.
You have something that you know will interfere.
Like a wife.
A girlfriend.
A cat that needs medication every hour.

If you do decide you are going to go for it; you are going to go ahead and drive that train toward my face at full speed, at least have the decency to explain.
Let me know what happened.
Tell us why you disappear or why you stop answering us.
Why do you ignore us?
Why do you read the text and ignore it?
Why say you’ll call then don’t?
Why cant you just say you don’t plan on calling back.
Why can’t you own up to your part of the deal?

You say women are crazy.
Maybe it’s because you’re a jerk?
Maybe it’s because you leave us hanging.
You don’t tell us anything.
At all.
Then wonder why we call and want to know what happened?
Just say I DO NOT WANT TO TALK TO YOU ANYMORE. This isn’t working.

Like a big kid.
I believe in you.
I know you can do it.

You knock us down.
Freight trains do that.
Throw us back a little.

Good job.
If you wanted to break her heart you accomplished it.

The thing is that the heart can heal.
We can stand back up.
We can pull ourselves together.
We might be down for a day or maybe even two if we thought you were really worth it.
That’s all you get though.
That’s it.
We have things to do.
People to go see.
Smiles to smile.
Laughter to laugh.
Life to live.



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