It Hurts More To Wonder


Why does it seem like men care so much less than women.

That sounds sexist. I apologize. It could be the woman too. In my experiences it usually seems to be the man.
Disclaimer: It could be a man or woman…

Why does it seem like it’s easier for men to hide their feelings? To just walk away.

At what point does that “switch” happen?

It seems like in the beginning the man (or one person)
does whatever he can to show the woman (or the other person) that he likes them.
He tells her she’s beautiful.
He might buy her things.
He makes sure she knows he’s thinking of her.

At some point it seems like that changes. Or maybe it just gets old.
I don’t know.
What I do know is that it seems like the girl is always the one to get hurt.
To not quite understand why he stopped giving her 110%.

We want to know what happened. We want an explanation.
We need to understand.

Men don’t. (At least the ones I have dealt with)


What happens?

What goes through their mind that makes them think it’s OK to not appear to care.
Maybe they do care.
Maybe they are sad too.

Why can’t they show it?
Why can’t they continue to be open , vulnerable?

What needs to happen for them to know that they can tell us anything?
If we love you or even like you, you can be honest.
Whatever it is, we can try to work through it.
A woman’s love is strong.
It is real.
It doesn’t just disappear because you made a boo – boo or you screwed up.

You can hurt us and we forgive. We don’t run. We stand strong. Still loving you. Still wanting you. Still hoping things will work out for the best.

If there is something you want to tell us, just say it.
We won’t break.
We won’t die.

It hurts a lot more to wonder what happened. To not know.
That’s what hurts. That is what makes us sick. The not knowing.



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