Nice Guys Aren’t The Only Ones That Finish Last

I just read a blog about nice guys. It was all about how they finish last. It’s true I guess. They do. We all love the bad boys.

Even at 33. At 33 I don’t think I want a nice guy… Even the word is boring.

I have been thinking about this a lot lately.
I don’t think it’s necessarily because they are nice.
I want nice. I want sweet and loving. I want attentive.
I want a text that says “good morning” every morning.
It tells me I was on your mind when you woke up. I want to be what you think about before you go to sleep at night. I want little surprises, sweet gestures to let me know you’re thinking of me.

Nice guys do all that stuff. Bad ones don’t.

I don’t really want a bad boy. First of all I don’t want a boy period. I don’t want a mean guy or a cheater. I don’t want a game player or a liar. I don’t want anything that the word “bad” even remotely represents.

I get bored with nice guys though. I would say most women do.

What I think we need to say is that we want a good guy. A good guy will do all of those things plus he won’t be boring.

I want someone that challenges me. Pushes me.
Calls me out when I’m not giving it my all. I want someone that will argue with me. Grow with me. Encourage me. I want to make you be all you can be and more and I want it right back. I don’t want someone that will just back down. I can be very strong willed, loud, pushy; I want to be put in my place. Not by being nasty or mean but encouragement is good.

So I guess I don’t want a nice guy and I don’t want a bad boy; I want a good guy.

I want to be loved and I want to be pushed. To do more. Be more.

Maybe nice guys don’t finish last. Maybe pushovers do. The ones that lose themselves in the process of trying to love. The ones that let their goals, dreams, wishes and wants fall by the wayside.

That isn’t just guys, that’s all of us.

If the relationship or whatever you decide to label it doesn’t make you a better version of yourself, then what’s the point? We all finish last.




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