I chew my Tic Tacs
I cannot stand that one word – my friends know the one
I hold my breath when I get nervous or scared
I clap my hands while yelling “no”; it can get confusing
I love hot bubble baths – so hot my legs turn red
I laugh so hard I cry
I cry so hard sometimes I laugh
I crack my knuckles, my back, my neck – whatever
I love to sing at the top of my lungs, terribly
I can’t do my own makeup or hair; not very well anyway
I am not quiet at all, I even whisper loud
I get car sick; I always have
I love the big drop on a roller coaster but hate spinning around
I always want my nails and toes done cute, I will use my last $20 on it
I love the beach, even the sticky sand
I hate my chubby cheeks but love them on my daughter
I always need a ladder, chair or stool, I can’t reach anything
I have stretch marks and short legs
I run on E until the dial is below the last red line; the whole time thinking about who would bring me gas
I blush when I’m busted; bright red
I could live on Kit-Kats
I hate washing my face before bed
I give dirty looks without meaning too
I stare a lot
I’m nosy
I hate pictures of myself
I’m a picker. I pick at everything
I can drink skim milk like it’s going outta style
I snore, sometimes worse than others
I get bossy
I don’t always know when to stop; when to leave it alone; when to walk away
I analyze everything
I sometimes hope for the scenes in movies to happen in real life
I believe in true love, happy endings and soul mates
I will do anything for the people I love. Anything
I peel the labels
I want a proposal but I’m not sure about the marriage part
I can’t eat without spilling something on myself
I don’t want brown eyes. I want blue. Bright blue
I cry easily
I hate scary movies
I have a hard time saying NO

I’m working on some of these things.
For the most part though, they are me. Take it or leave it.
Some of them I can’t change. That’s OK I think.
I am working on embracing my flaws. Every single one of them.

I won’t apologize for being me anymore. I just won’t.

I hope with every ounce of myself that you will try do the same.
Always work on you, of course. Work to be the best version of you, but don’t change for anyone. You are perfect the way you are for the people that should be in your life. Period.
Strive to be better but embrace what you already are.
It’s a daily thing for me.
Loving myself. Putting me at the top of the list. It’s not what I’m used too. But one day it will be. One day it will be natural, second nature.

I am enough.




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