Will He Kiss Me?

Some things don’t change no matter how old you get. The way you think about it doesn’t change, the way you prepare for it doesn’t change.

It’s pretty hilarious when you think about it. 13 or 33. At times it’s the same thing.

I have a few single friends. Some newly single.
Some still going through the divorce process.
Some have been single awhile.

It’s kinda funny how we all look at those first few dates or meetings the exact same way.
We have the same talks before and after.
The details obviously change but the talks are the same.
It’s one of my favorite things about having girlfriends these days.
The giggles and the laughing. The butterflies.
The preparing. What do I wear. Is this ok?
If we aren’t together, you send pictures.
The talks afterwards. Was it bad, good, just ok?
Having someone to bounce the details off of for an outside opinion.

I love it! If I’m being honest, sometimes that part is way more fun than the date itself…
That’s for another blog though.

I was talking to a friend the other night and she was heading out on her first “real date” with a guy she has been talking too. We were talking it up and getting her ready to go.

Then there it was.

The part of the conversation that still cracks me up every time we have it.

Do you think he will kiss me?
Do you think he will kiss you?
What if he does?
Do you want him too?
OH EM GEE what if he’s a terrible kisser?
What if he’s an amazing kisser?
What if he doesn’t even try?
What if it’s awkward?
Do you think he will try?
Do you want him too?

I just told my daughter about my first kiss the other night. I remember it so vividly. Like it was just yesterday. Or last night. She laughed at me.

I remember being so innocent.
I asked my best friend what to do with my head?
Do I turn it?
Like from side to side?
She knew way more about that stuff than I did back then. I won’t get into too many details but I had a plan in my mind of what I was going to do.
It was all mapped out. My head, my mouth; I was ready.

Of course it went nothing like my plan.
Does anything ever?

It was sweet. Innocent. Cinnamon. I won’t ever forget it. By the baseball fields in our hometown after school one day. So sweet. He was my first boyfriend. Every day after school we would get off the bus and he would walk me home then kiss me on the cheek before cutting through our yard to go to his house.

I like kissing. I think kissing is important. You need to mesh. Blend. Who wants an awkward kiss? Not me. It’s a deal breaker for me. If we don’t have good kisses we don’t have a relationship. It might sound silly but I want to enjoy kissing my guy until I’m 90.

My friend had a blast on her date. He was great. Really great. Sweet. Caring. Kind. Attentive. He didn’t try to kiss her. He’s a smart guy. It was their first real date. It wasn’t time. Now they are both anxious to see each other again. That’s the best part. The excitement of seeing each other again. She is over the moon happy right now.

Same thing with my other girlfriend. He didn’t try to kiss her either.
They were both perfect gentlemen and I’m so happy for my girls to see them again. I’m excited to hear the happiness in their voices and their stories.
I’m seriously thrilled to meet these lucky guys!

Maybe they have friends…




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