I mean Facebook.

It’s the place where you can pretend to be something totally different than what you really are.

I read somewhere that Facebook causes depression. People get on there and see what other people have or what other people are doing and they seriously get sad. Depressed. They wish their life was like that.
They Friend Request someone, get denied and get upset. Get deleted and they feel like their world is caving in.

You can pretend to be as happy as can be all over Facebook.
Finally get a date? You can flaunt it all over.
Steal someone’s boyfriend? Facebook it.
Get cheated on? Go to the gym or the ER? Let the world know.
Sick? Everyone tells you they hope you feel better. How many actually call you to check on you though? Come see you? Bring you soup? Honestly.

It’s sad really. It can be very depressing.

The thing with Facebook is that you can pick and choose what you want to say. Who you want to see it. What you want to show. What you want to portray yourself as to the world. If the majority of the people on your Friends List don’t see you in the real world on a regular basis then who knows what is true and what isn’t?

You have the ability to delete someone from your life via Facebook.
Control what they see or don’t see.
If someone posts things that hurt your feelings you can control that too. Make it to where you don’t have to see it.
Why get upset? Delete and Block.

I have learned a lot about where I stand in peoples lives based off of how they are on Facebook.
Friends that say they hope we are OK but don’t call or text ever.
Friends that do. That show up at my door because I don’t “seem OK” on Facebook.
People that say they are busy and can’t do something but check themselves in at a bar or restaurant.
People that I thought were like family but blocked or deleted me.
Friends that are like family but have bonfires or celebrate birthdays that I only know about because we are Facebook buds.

You learn a lot. Some of it does hurt. Does make you mad, angry. It can get to you.

If you let it.

Thanks to technology you can get busted or bust someone a lot easier. I am thankful every day that we didn’t have Facebook when I was a teenager. It would have made all the sneaking around and skipping school to hang out with my older boyfriend a lot harder! As a parent, I am thankful for it though. Interesting how that works…

I have reconnected with old friends. Met one of my best friends through Facebook actually. My AdvoCare business has done great because of Facebook. I can celebrate with friends that are far away, Connect with people that moved away from home. See kids grow up. Support friends and family that need it. Read motivational quotes and posts.

Like everything there are pros and cons.

When I log on and see everything that everyone posts, I have choices. I can let it get to me. I can be annoyed if everyone seems to be doing better than me. If they all look prettier or skinnier or in love; I can be upset that he seems happier now.
I can be angry that she “liked” a picture of my ex with his new girlfriend.
Or I can take a deep breath and realize that most people post only the good. That we can’t see inside their four walls.
I can delete her so I don’t have to see that she “likes” his stuff.

It’s my Facebook. I can delete if I want too…

It is what we make it.

I blog now. Obviously I can see the reasoning behind putting it all out there.
I also understand that there will be people that don’t agree with my blogs or my blogging in general. Those people don’t need to read them. They don’t need to follow them or click on the links I post on my Facebook page. If it bothers or upsets you don’t look. Don’t read it. Get it out of your face.

If you are getting upset or depressed by the things you see. Get rid of them. Don’t let something or someone else have that kind of power over you.

It isn’t worth it.

Not at all.

So many good things can come from Facebook, use it for that. Nothing else. Connect with people you want to connect with. Block and delete the ones that bring you down. If it doesn’t encourage you, motivate you, make you smile or do any of those things for someone else, then get rid of it.

It’s Facebook not Fakebook for a reason.




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