Preach Mama Preach

I am going to get up on my soap box here for a minute. Just because I can. Because I want too.

Like my daughter says… I do what I want.

When you have a child, adopt a child, take on the responsibility of caring for a child; that is kind of a big deal. It shouldn’t be taken lightly.

You have made not only a deal with the world but a promise to that child. You are a parent. A guardian. That is real. That doesn’t go away. Ever.

That child that will one day grow to be an adult. Your decisions or lack thereof affect how that child grows . Their morals, their beliefs, their actions are all affected by you and the way you raise them.

Or not.

If you don’t like the way they act, correct it.
If you don’t like the attitude you get, adjust it.
If you aren’t happy with their choices, take away their ability to make them.

Last time I checked we were the adults. We made the choices.

Last time I checked it wasn’t ok to run away. To say I don’t want to deal with this so I’m not going too.

I’m not perfect by any measure. I am full of flaws when it comes to parenting. I know that. But I try. I do the best that I can. Like most of us do or should do anyway.

Get over yourself.

Be a parent. Not just when it’s “your time” or “your weekend”. Every day.

I am a Mom, when my kids are with me and when they are not. When they are babies, kids, teens, adults. Those are my kids. They will always be my kids. I made an unspoken promise to them. When I tell them I love them, I mean it with every ounce of my soul. My whole heart belongs to my three babies. Three.
I don’t care how mean they can be, how hateful, I don’t care if I get attitude; they are still mine. I don’t pick and choose when they are my responsibility. Obviously I prefer when they are sweet and loving and wonderful but we all know that isn’t constant.

That’s life. Life as a parent.

If it isn’t my weekend, I will still be sitting at their games. I don’t want to miss a thing unless I absolutely have too.

If you think I’m telling you how to be a parent and you get defensive then you probably aren’t doing something that you should be… That’s your issue.
Not mine.
My kids know without a doubt that I love them. That they can come to me with anything they need too. Anything. Ever.

There are people that can’t have children. That have lost children. People that would give their right arm to have a son or daughter.
Do not take it lightly. It’s a privilege to be a parent. A step-parent. A grandparent. An Aunt or Uncle. Great-Grandparent.

Finally, don’t half way it. You are hurting them more than you realize. Those of us that are there full time see what you are doing to them. It isn’t good.

Be there or don’t.

Don’t toe dip. Seriously. Do not toe dip.

It’s mean. It’s childish.

Get over yourself and own up to your mistakes like the rest of us have too.

You will be so glad you did one day.





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