Memory Lane

I was at a loss about what to write about tonight.
I decided to get out my old journals for some inspiration.

There are so many things I wrote back then that now when I read them I so badly want to go back in time and give myself a big hug.

Just in the past few years there has been so much change within myself. It’s amazing to kind of go back in time and visit those days.

I have journals from high school. I have journals from right after my daughter was born. From when I moved into my first apartment. Bought my first house. From when I had my son.

You get the idea. I could spend all night reading those things.

I am so glad I never threw them out.

Last night I went out with friends to a concert. The concert was an 80’s cover band called Switch. They were awesome by the way and I will definitely go see them again if given the opportunity.

In between the band performing, they played 80’s and 90’s music. I was taken back to so many different places and times in my life. Each song had a memory attached to it. From riding in the car with my mom and dad to our first house party in our first apartment. 

So many memories.

I was with new friends. New people. Some that I had just met a few hours before. Some a few months.

Old memories and new friends.

Things change but we always have the memories. No matter how much time goes by there are things that I will not ever, ever forget.

Sounds, smells, places.

I smell a certain cologne and I remember buying it for my boyfriend. Hugging him goodnight for what seemed like hours because tomorrow was too far away.

The little Cuban restaurant that I went to with my first love. Every time I pass it I am taken back. He asked for ketchup. They thought he was crazy. I remember laughing so hard my tummy hurt.

I will never forget it. But thanks to my journals I can read about the memories and remember every little detail. I can tell you what we each ordered now instead of just the ketchup story. I can tell you that he pulled over on the side of the highway and sang me our song because it happened to come on the radio. I can even tell you that I was late getting home and my mom was furious. I had forgotten those other details over the years.

Writing and journaling. Capturing the memories with a pen and paper so that I wouldn’t forget the important stuff. That is what I love about writing. I love capturing my feelings so that I have them for later.

I had so much fun last night. I made memories. I reminisced in old ones too. I let myself wander for awhile last night. When I came back I realized that I am right where I need to be.






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