To Flip Out or Not To Flip Out

I hear yelling…

Or am I dreaming?

“The ceiling is leaking!” “Bad Mom!!” “It’s bad!”
“Mom it is so HOT in here!”
“Shut up fatty she’s asleep!”
“Both of you be quiet and leave her alone! it’s not time for her to get up yet!!”
“You’re not the boss of me!”

What is going on!? It’s still dark in here…

Can someone else please handle this situation?
I just want to roll over and act like I don’t hear any of it.

Please? Anyone?

5:23am? Seriously?
That’s right! The alarm was set for crossfit this morning.

Where is my phone???

“Why do you have moms phone?”
“He has her phone?” “She’s gonna flip you guys!”

I can hear it all. Do I feel like “flipping” this morning?

No, not really actually. The sun isn’t even up yet. Why are they all up?

This isn’t going to stop, I have to get up.

I get up to fighting kids.
A leaking ceiling and a broken AC.
I won’t make crossfit. There is no way.
I have to call the AC guy, and the plumber.
I have to go find out why everyone is awake so early and why my little man has my phone.

Was I really sleeping that deep? Sweet!

Mornings like this used to ruin my whole day.
Nothing was going like it was supposed too.
No one was doing what they were supposed to be.
How can the house be messy already?
How can the sink already be full of dishes?
How can there be dirty clothes coming out of the baskets?
I just did this less than 10 hours ago!

The thing is this:

In a few hours my kids will all be gone. They will all leave for the weekend. The house can be cleaned and it will be quiet. It will actually stay clean. And quiet. Peaceful. Laundry won’t pile up.

Just like I’m wishing for right now.

Except that when they leave I will miss them. So much. I will be so lost for the first few hours. I always have to readjust to the change. No screaming. No yelling. No little boys wrestling. No crying. No one asking me to listen to their Tweets, to look at the pictures from the day. To hear their story – just listen one more time Mommy.

I miss that when it’s gone.

It drives me nuts. Yes. But I love it. I love my kids in a way that I can’t even try to describe.

So I got up. I sat on the edge of the bed. I giggled.

I got a good nights sleep. My kids and I woke up.
We are all healthy. We might not have everything we want but we have everything we need.
More importantly we have each other. We will always have each other. He might have called his brother fatty but he also said “Hey bubby don’t forget your permission slip. Today is the last day.” They love each other. We all drive each other crazy but we all know we are there. We have each others backs. No matter what.

The AC can be fixed. The leak too. I can do more laundry. I can go to crossfit tonight. Those are all just things.
Things can be fixed.

Why get upset this morning? Why have everyone go to school in a bad mood? What will that help?


So I laughed. I put bowls under the leak. I turned the fans on higher. I tickled my little man until he gave me my phone back. He just wanted to play a game he had downloaded. (He was going to get me once the second alarm went off…)
They had gotten up early to make me a good breakfast before crossfit.


I am so blessed. I just needed to slow down and think before flipping out.




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