I like games. I really do. I love Uno with the kids on a Friday night, I love Pictionary with friends. I like games. Board games, card games, a friendly round of spoons is awesome.

What I don’t like is games that involve my feelings or my heart or the ones I love.

I despise those games.

Divorce is nasty. If you go through one that isn’t – kudos to you; I’m truly jealous.

It can be really hard to separate what’s best for everyone from your feelings. There are moments when your feelings take over and you find yourself questioning the way you handled things.

Am I really doing this because it’s best for XYZ or am I so mad and so upset that I’m acting based on my emotions?

We’re human so I think we all act on instinct and emotion at some point. When you get beat down and beat down and beat down, it becomes even harder not too. I think it’s only natural that you get to a point where enough is enough. This is especially true with your kids, if you see your kids being treated badly eventually you snap.

Light bulb on.

Enough is most definitely enough. That’s not a game; that’s you, treating people wrong, they get tired of it and decide you no longer get to run the show. Don’t get mad or upset when that happens. A person can only take so much. Some can handle much more than others but I think it’s safe to say after years of it, your time will run out.

Game over.

Once you have gone through the pains and the stress and the emotions of a divorce or a big breakup, the thought of “games” is even more unappealing.

I personally don’t have time for them.

They aren’t fun. At all. Seriously.




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