Valentines Day

Heart Day. Love day. A special day just for lovers…

That was how I looked at it when I was younger. It was all about being romantic and getting roses and chocolates. Being taken out to a romantic dinner.

As I got older I realized I’m not a roses kinda girl. I prefer daisies. I struggle with my weight so I don’t want you to buy me chocolates. Making me a Spark would be awesome though. A romantic dinner is nice, but I’m happy with standing in the kitchen cooking with you. We don’t have to spend $200 on dinner. Really, I could use that on a new pair of shoes.

Sure, who doesn’t want a guy to be all lovey dovey and smoochie woochie with you? Any girl loves the attention and the loving stuff a guy that cares about her will do on Valentines Day.

What about the rest of the year though? If you aren’t getting love and affection the rest of the year is getting it one day that great?

I would rather have little gestures throughout the year. That’s just me. I don’t care for roses either though so maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about…

Over the past few weeks I have seen February 14th on my calendar. I have wondered what I would be doing that night. I wondered if anyone would send me flowers. Bonus points if they’re daisies. Would I go to dinner or a movie. Would I hang out with my single girlfriends?

When I was married we didn’t typically do anything for Valentines Day. He would buy me daisies sometimes. Every once in awhile we would do a small gift or go to dinner but it wasn’t every year. I made a bigger deal out of it for the kids than we did for each other. It never really bothered me because when things were good we did so many other things throughout the year. He would buy me a card and leave it on the pillow when he left for work or buy my favorite candy when he ran to get gas for the lawn mower. He was off on Mondays so every Monday was our day, when I wasn’t working we had the whole day, when I was, we had a standing lunch date.
I’m not really sure when those things stopped.

For Valentines day today, I woke up and I worked out. I took care of me, my health. When I walked out and looked at my phone I had this message from my daughter: “Happy Valentines day Mom, I hope you have a good day, I really hope you find someone that makes you feel like you’re the only person in the world like you treat me and the boys, I love you mom. You deserve to be happy with everything. Thank you for all you do it means the world to us.”
I couldn’t stop the tears. They filled my eyes.

Just like that I was reminded what was important. I am taking care of myself and in turn I am being a better mom. I am becoming the best version of me possible. I don’t need anyone to do that with me or for me. Sure, flowers would be great. That text was all I need today though.

As I get older my views on Valentines Day change. I don’t hate today by any means. I don’t really care one way or the other actually. Maybe one day I will have someone that makes February 14th stand out more than the 13th or 15th. Until then, I have three of the cutest valentines ever. They are all I need.




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