So much can be said with your eyes. Words can lie and deceive, but your eyes will always tell the truth.

Conversations can be had with your eyes. No words are needed. None. You can discipline your children with your eyes, tell your best friend he’s cute or to please stop talking right now, your eyes can even say I love you.

Words are extra.

When I walk into a room I want your eyes to shine. I want them to show that you are happy to see me. I want them to stare into mine when you lean in for a kiss. I want them to sparkle. I want your eyes to tell me you love me before you ever do.

When you’re sad or down and you chose me to talk too, I want to see the hope and the relief as I tell you it will all be ok. When I make you laugh I want to see the happiness in your eyes, I love smiles that reach your eyes. Those are real. That’s happiness. I love the tears that stream down your face because you are laughing so hard. You can’t fake that.

I want to see the sparkle, the glimmer. I want to see the excitement. Words are extra. I want to see it in your eyes.

When you have bad news and you look away; your eyes have already told me this won’t be good. When they fill with tears but you said you were fine. Your eyes told the truth. When you squeeze them tight in pain.

Your eyes tell a story. The real story. Your eyes don’t lie, they don’t fake it. Your eyes are the windows to your soul, to your heart. I think your eyes are beautiful.




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