Caution – Read at Your Own Risk

Maybe I should have done this sooner. I apologize for not. Here is my disclaimer.


Nothing in this blog is meant to offend or hurt anyone. It isn’t meant to upset anyone in any way whatsoever.

This is my blog. Based on my life, my feelings and my experiences.

If you are a part of my life or have ever been a part of my life you may be mentioned in a blog. I will never use your name though. If you know it is you or you think it is you, that is your interpretation of the blog.

If you have any questions or want to discuss anything I write, I am always available.

I have not started this to hurt or bash anyone or anything. Please know that this blog has been started because I love to write and feel like I have a lot to share. My experiences and my life might not be interesting to you and that’s fine too. But someone out there might be going through something I have been through or that I am currently going through and they might benefit from hearing they aren’t alone; that is the reason for this blog. Nothing else.

Ok I’m done now.




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