Men oh Men

Men. Really? Yes, I’m single. No, that doesn’t mean I want to sleep with you, show you any body parts or let you rest your cute little head in my bed. It means that I wasn’t happy in my relationship and we chose to move on. It doesnt mean that I want to hear about your sad, unhappy relationship. If you’re really leaving your wife I am so very sorry. For her. For your kids. Not for you. If you’re truly being treated badly I am sorry. But if you’re telling me about it, I doubt you’re the one being done wrong.

Rebounds. They don’t work. Are you the man of my dreams!? Maybe. But in my dreams you are most definitely not married so something isn’t jiving.

We haven’t seen each other or spoken in 10, 15, maybe 20 years. We mesh so easily. It’s amazing. Maybe you’re the man of my dreams. Maybe we could live happily ever after. God, sometimes I want that fairytale so badly it hurts. But fairytales very rarely start or end with one married partner. So maybe we try again after you actually leave? If you ever do.


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